About our service

Why undertake a damp & timber survey?


Home owners, and mortgage lenders, fear damp and rot almost as much as subsidence.
Accurately identifying the cause and effects of damp is a specialist field, that requires independent, experienced, observant professionals with the full range of measuring devices and laboratory equipment, to trace damp to its source and thereby make optional recommendations.


Rising damp is easy to demonstrate but virtually impossible to identify and isolate from other forms of dampness in the real world. If we identify rising damp, we will repay your fee immediately. We are so confident about the accuracy of our diagnosing techniques that we can often offer a warranty against rising damp, subject to contract.


Penetrating damp is typically caused by damaged roofs, poorly fitted gutters, leaking plumbing, raised ground near sub-floor vents, or material bridging a damp proof course.


Condensation is the main cause of dampness in homes. Almost every property suffers some degree of condensation especially in winter and on the coldest part of the wall, at the base of the ground floor. The key to managing condensation is reducing moisture at source, while ensuring adequate circulation of warm dry air.

Damp is often found in combination. It is better to isolate and deal with the easiest problems first. New will happily return to any property to update our reports and recommendations.